Bienvenue chez BOOST !

Bienvenue chez BOOST !

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Un réseau international

Meet your future partners, colleagues and friends through our events

Développer vos projets

Show your idea in front of experts, present your project to future clients and integrate new members to your team.

Des nouvelles compétences

Gain and improve new skills through the different workshops put in place.

Une autonomie forte

The advice of professionals based on their experience allow you to anticipate and find solutions to professional problems.

"Se réunir est un début, rester ensemble est un progrès, travailler ensemble est la réussite".

Henry Ford, industriel et fondateur de Ford

The art of active networking

Four simple questions are the start of a better way to meet people. So many people of us meet one another, collect a stack of business cards, and then throw them out without ever truly connecting. After bringing together hundreds of thousands of people, Mark shares his insights and outlines a way for us to make the most of those whose paths we cross.

Plus de videos

Tous nos événements sont à prix libres .. mais encouragés !

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